T-shirt and Tote bag painting

Activity/Workshop: T-Shirt and Tote Bag Painting


What is T-Shirt and Tote Bag Painting?

T-shirt and Tote bag painting is a fusion of fashion and artistry. You are able to  personalize and embellish an everyday accessory.

This craft uses either a plain cotton t-shirt or plain canvas tote bag, and transforming it into a wearable work of art with the help of paint, markers and stencils to create intricate designs, patterns, or messages that reflect their personal style or beliefs.

This is a sustainable, eco-friendly, functional yet stylish alternative activity which encourages both creativity and environmental consciousness. 

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This unique and engaging  activity is incredibly versatile and is perfect for a wide range of events and occasions. Whether you're planning a wedding, organizing a team building session, hosting a dinner and dance, organizing a carnival, or arranging a family day, this activity is a fantastic choice. 

What logistics do we need?

  • 2 long tables
  • 2 individual power points