Balloon Decorations

Balloon Decorations


Balloon backdrop

Balloon Backdrops can be used for any types of events, be it wedding, corporate events, baby showers, birthday party, or even marriage proposals.

Let us know what event the balloon backdrop is for and the colour scheme you have in mind. Don't know which colours look best together? No worry, we can help you with it!


Balloon Explosion Effect

Also known as balloon bomb, this elegant and beautiful balloon effect is rarely seen or even done in Singapore. Be the first few to have this effect for your event.

Balloons are not only for children, when pieced together differently with a different set of colour scheme, balloon decorations can be very elegant and grand looking. Suitable for any formal events even weddings, company grand opening events and even new product launch events.


Birthday Balloon Decorations

Balloon decorations bring colour and excitement to a party. No party is complete without balloon decorations! We provide balloons for all sort of events like , kids birthday party, weddings and corporate events in Singapore.

Providing a wide range of designs, our professional balloon team will guide you through on ideas and plan out the right balloon decoration needed for your event.


Balloon Festive Decorations

We are able to customize and create a set of balloon decorations , ranging from balloon arch, balloon wall, balloon garlands and even balloon walls to suit any special festive or any special occasion.

Your event will be happening on a special festive period and you want the event to be that theme? Look out for our festive page for more information.


Balloon Drop

Balloon drop are very popular in Singapore. It is suitable for many events as long as your event location have the space and height for it!

It looks grand and your guests, no matter the age, will have lots of fun the moment the balloons fall from the sky. This balloon effect is suitable for many kinds of events like weddings, marriage proposals, corporate Dinner and Dance, new product launch, and even grand openings.

Balloon letters

Balloon letters with base

Want something simple and clean looking for your event? Why not try this balloon decoration.

Balloons are not for only suitable for children related events. Choosing the correct colour scheme and correct balloon decoration design will affect the outcome of your balloon decorations. Enquire us now if you do not know how to incorporate balloon into your events today!


Customized Balloon Wall

Balloon wall are great for photo-taking! Choose to make a balloon wall for any types of events as they will look perfect for almost every type of event. You can even choose to have an organic balloon wall for something for trendy!

It looks amazing and it is suitable for many kinds of events like weddings, marriage proposals, corporate Dinner and Dance, new product launch, and even grand openings.

Customized Photo Frame Arch

Customized Photo Frame Arch

Want something related to balloons that is different from what we usually see? Why not try a photo frame arch! Post a different picture online by taking beautiful photos behind this balloon photo frame!


Customized Balloon Arch

Balloon arch can be used for every event. We provide normal balloon arch made with many different colours to the latest trend, organic balloon arch. Preparing for a special event and you want something different for your balloon arch? Enquire us today!


Helium balloons

Helium balloons are the best for many events! It gives this special effect that air-filled balloons do not. Want to use Helium balloons in your event but don't know how many to use? Enquire us today!


Corporate Balloon Deco

Specially created and design just for corporate events, these balloon decoration can have a formal, clean and elegant look to the. Enquire us today!

Balloons are not for only suitable for children. We will choose the correct colour scheme and correct balloon decoration design for you!