Activities and Workshops

Activities and Workshops

Shrinky Dinks

Shrinky Dinks

Missed Shrinky Dinks?

We are bringing back our childhood crafts. You can hand-draw or very own customized keychains, accessories or even pins during this workshop.

​Heat is required for this activity

Customized puzzle

Customized Puzzle

Want to own a puzzle that is special to you only?

Let us turn your pictures into your very own customized puzzles. It's a wonderful and memorable item as a table piece or even as a gift.

Book this activity on its own or with our photo booths so there we can create puzzles with pictures you have taken on the day.


Laser Engraving

Want something personalized and customized to you only?

Let us engrave what you want onto any items. From wood to metal, glass and many more materials, we can engraving your names or company logos onto any product you want!

What else are you waiting for? Enquire us for more information now!

Acrylic brick decorating

Acrylic brick decorating

Recently very popular overseas, also named 咕卡砖 (gu ka zhuan), this activity allows you to decorate your very own acrylic brick.

Be the first in Singapore to adopt this activity! Decorate it into a photo stand or other creative ideas that you can think of!

Decorating Base: ​Type 1: Acrylic Bricks
Type 2: Acrylic Keychains

Decorating materials: ​Type 1: Stickers only
Type 2: Decorative with simulation cream

Acrylic paint pour

Acrylic Paint Pour

What is acrylic paint pour?

Acrylic pour is a fluid painting technique where you can pour a specially mixed paint in anyway you like to create the most unique piece.

​Type 1: Mini Bear
Type 2: Mini Canvas

Resin crafts

Resin Crafts

What is Resin?

Resin is a highly viscous liquid that can be used for crafting. Our resin crafts allow you to create something unique and usable. You can learn how to create accessories, pendants for your accessories or pins.

​Type 1: Resin Accessories
Type 2: Resin Keychains

Mini canvas painting

Mini Canvas Painting

Feeling artistic?

Create your own mini paintings and show them to your friends and family. Be as creative and artistic as you can!

candle making

Candle Making

Choose to create scented or unscented candles and make them to different shapes and sizes to create the most aesthetic display piece.

​Type 1: Scented
Type 2: unscented

​Heat is required for this activity

Terrarium making

Terrarium Making

Create your own small terrariums and bring them home. Be creative! Design, decorate and add figurines to create a little story of its own.

T-shirt and tote bag painting

T-Shirt and Tote Bag Painting

Feeling bored of your clothes or bags? Want something unique?

Paint and create your own tote bags or t-shirts and bring them out.

​Type 1: T-shirts
Type 2: Tote Bags

Wax Seal Craft

Wax Seal Crafts

Never give boring cards to your friends anymore. Create your own wax seals and decorate your cards to make them special and unique.

​Heat is required for this activity


Simple Magic Workshop

Have you always been amazed by magicians? Have you always been curious of how some of the tricks are done?

This workshop is suitable for children and adults. We will be teaching you basic magic tricks that will wow your family and peers.


Flora bar wrapping station

Never give boring bouquets to your friends anymore. Create your bundle of flowers and make them special and unique.

​Heat is required for this activity

Wire Art Making

Wire Art Making

A fun, versatile, flexible aluminum ideal for sculpture, model making and arts and crafts. You can sculpt anything from your name to all shape and sizes.

T-shirt Printing

T-shirt Printing

A Printed T–shirt is a T–shirt bearing a design, image or lettering on it. Printing is done with textile printing. Various types of printed T–shirts exist.

Soap Making

Soap Making

Have you ever wondered how soap was made? Now you can learn the art, the process and the skill of how to make a beautiful soap of your favourite colour and pattern. You will be able to use the soap for bathing or washing of hands

Sand art booth

Sand art booth

Let your young ones break through their thinking barrier and create a picture out of different colour sands. You might not know if they would become a famous artist some day.

Metallic Tattoo

Metallic Tattoo

Now you can decorate your face, body and nails with our beautiful Mayan metallic temporary tattoos. These beautiful tribal designs are ideal for those of us that don’t want a permanent design on our skin. These easy to use foil designs are perfect for all social events especially when going for that festival fashion look. With these tattoos you are guaranteed to turn heads at any gig, club and party

International Fan Art

Oriental Fan Art

Learning different makes of a paper fan , painting it with your favourites colours, creating a new designs of paper fan. Professionally guided to create a nice looking fan

Henna Art station

Henna Art station

Henna is a form of traditional temporary dye derived from a plant, that is used to create body art or even hair dye and it is widely used until today, be it for ceremonies, or just for fun. If you have always wanted to adorn your body with some art without having to commit to it for a long time

Glitter Tattoo

Glitter Tattoo

Glitter tattoo is very popular among kids, it sparkle and shine attract kids to fall in love with them. Using a stencil, our glitter artist will sprinkle the glitter over the stencil, allowing it to dry for a short time before removing the stencil. And ta-da your glitter is done !!!


Flower Tea Art

A flowering tea is a skillful weaving together of leaves and flowers using cotton thread. We recommend a transparent teapot for brewing for a beautiful visual encore.

Caricature Station

Caricature Station

Always wanted to get your picture drawn out fast ? Amaze your guest with our professional caricaturist and let your guest leave with a souvenir of their own faces

Bottled Sand Art

Bottled Sand Art

imagine creating your own colourful beach in a bottle, adding layers and layers of different colour sands to create a beautiful art In a bottle. It is easy to make , perfect for gifts

Animal Cup Making

Animal Cup Making

Super easy, super cute and fun to make . Make these super cute animals out from recyclable materials. Unlimited imagination of ideas for kids

Alphabets Beads

Alphabets Beads Name

Colourful alphabet beads for creating name and message bracelets, keychains and bag danglers. Assorted colours.


Air Brush Tattoo

Airbrush tattoos are temporary tattoos that are sprayed on using a compressing air machine very similar to the one used for doing airbrush art. The airbrush itself is often smaller than the airbrush used for artistic purposes, and the person applying the tattoo will normally use a stencil to help create the design. The ink is safe to the skin and will drop off within a few days.


Balloon sculpting

Think of any balloon sculpture you like and make your dreams come true. Unlimited imagination of ideas for kids


face painting

Face painting is a captivating art form that has the power to transform faces into vibrant and whimsical masterpieces. It's a temporary work of art that leaves a lasting impression and creates unforgettable memories.