What we are offering to customers.


What is a carnival or party without fun and games?

We provide a wide range of games leading from inflatables games to carnival games and arcade machine games. All prices include set up, delivery and tear down.


Fun , entertaining and safe bouncy castle rental for all your carnival and events in Singapore.

we offer a wide range of affordable selections to choose from

Kids Parties

Want to hold a memorable birthday party for your children?

Let us plan your kid’s birthday parties for you! We will be your one stop birthday party planner where we will plan and set up your party for you.


Want to hold a corporate event for your company? Need someone to plan and coordinate your corporate event but don’t know who? Look no further.

Food Live Stations

What is a carnival without food?

Bespoke events specialized in Carnival Live Food Stations for all events in Singapore. We have over 20 types of Carnival Food Live Station, allowing you to bring your own mini Pasar Malam to your event.


Thinking of imaginative arts and workshop, we provide Interesting yet beautiful activities for events management and carnivals which can be created with your imagination in any workshop or activity booths

You have the event to plan,
we have the solutions
The leading events manager and carnival planner in Singapore

Adversity changing in the fast and modern world , we expect that clients would want something new and exciting to spark their events. 

we promise upmost service quality and dedication to each and every single event that we handle with care . we expect to meet your requirements not once , but multiple times as possible .

whether you are a corporate organisation , schools parents or any association, bespoke events offers events management and solutions to achieve your events goal

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Why you should choose Bespoke Events for your next event
The Leading carnival and events planner in Singapore

We deliver bespoke event management solutions which can create an event model to suit your needs and preferences , cost effective and much more !!!

Today Bespoke Events  has grown drastically. Back in January 2017, we were still building up our system and our clientele base. Now, with many in-house catering live station, food machine rentals, carnival equipment and entertainment services, we are able to offer a better overall experience for our clients. Together we create the ultimate events experience for all

Teamwork and intelligence
win championships!






You have the event to plan,
we have to solutions & support

Why should you sit there and wait for something that is not planned ? Talk to us today to feel the supreme events management support you can ever get